How is your business holding up during the Coronavirus pandemic? With the world on lockdown and social isolation, the business world is down to its knees.

The pandemic has crippled the economy, and businesses are struggling with dwindling or no sales at all. 

The recovery businesses have not been spared. Salons, gyms, and spas are experiencing a significant drop in business across the globe. 

Customers are choosing to stay at home rather than risk their health. Undoubtedly, Coronavirus has become the biggest challenge for the recovery business. 

Here are some considerations for your business during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Adapt and Transition Online

This is the time to focus on creating an online presence. Focus on improving your website design, social media pages, and Google search ranking. 

You can offer online services and consultations to your clients. For example, a hairstylist can guide a client through the process of cutting hair or dying at a discounted rate.

Create engaging content and share with your clients online to encourage them to seek your services. Work with individual clients to come up with a program that works best for their lockdown or social-distancing routine. 

Can your customers reach you on social media or your website? Update your website and your social media pages as they are the primary forms of communication. 

Use alternative customer acquisition techniques

As the number of walk-in customers has decreased drastically, you must be innovative enough to attract new customers. Put time and effort to generate new leads to rely on until things calm down. 

The consumer acquisition strategy is based on consumer behavior, and with many consumers at home, the best way to reach them is through your website, email, and social media. Optimize these channels through online availability and the creation of new content. 

Post simple “How To” tutorials on your website and social media pages to offer innovative solutions to your target market. You might acquire more clients in the long-run by providing innovative and creative services now.1 

Use online channels not to market your services only, but to check up on your followers and encourage them to be positive. 

Explore New Business & Pricing Models

If the clients cannot travel to you, why not provide private services at the comfort of their homes?

Clients are worried that they can come into contact with the virus in public places or businesses that serve many people. 

Communicate with your clients to understand their worries and offer solutions. This is the time to plan your business around your clients. 

You might be forced to adjust your pricing model during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Can you offer special deals to your customers or agree to a flexible payment plan for your trusted customers?

Health officials are also discouraging the handling of cash. Encourage your clients to pay using payment apps or online transactions to avoid handling money and adding more risks.

Compliance with Covid-19 Safety Measures 

As businesses begin to open, the only way to attract and retain customers is by following the safety measures.  You must modify your facility and operations as per the safety policies.

You can no longer have many people, either employees or customers, in a small space as social distancing policies are in place. 

You must prioritize hygiene at the workplace, especially for shared equipment. Ensure there is enough water, soap, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants. Ask customers and employees to wash their hands regularly. 

Make it a policy to wear masks and other protective garments. Also, ask your customers to protect themselves. 

Disinfect your tools, doorknobs, furniture, and electronics at the end of the day. You do not have the luxury of complacency when customers are risking their health by visiting your establishment. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

You are probably facing many challenges such as late rent payment, paying salaries amidst the dwindling sales.  

The reality is that Covid-19 is affecting everyone in the world. Business owners need to have transparent communication with your customers, employees, and suppliers to come up with ways to address the new challenges. 

Let all the stakeholders know about the changes that Corona has caused to the business. People will appreciate your genuine efforts, and they will be willing to work with you. 

How to Run Your Recovery Business During Covid-19 Pandemic 

Covid-19 has been one of the biggest challenges for business owners in 2020. You must change the way you do business to survive. Adopt a new business model, marketing strategy, and new techniques for acquiring customers. This is a time to be innovative as your survival depends on it. 

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