The cryotherapy industry has seen explosive growth, with large-scale and small-scale businesses making huge profits. The key to this growth is innovation and customer-centric products and marketing.

The pressure to look beautiful, young, and perfect are some of the driving forces for the cosmetic industry. Interestingly, these are the same factors that are also driving people to cryotherapy treatments. Women, and an increasing number of men, are spending a lot of money on cosmetic products. The beauty industry was valued at $532 billion in 2019.

As an entrepreneur in the cosmetic space, you definitely need to train your eyes on the cryotherapy industry. How can you make this lucrative industry the core of your cosmetic business? Can a mix of cryotherapy and cosmetics work?

First things first…A little history of cryotherapy in the cosmetic world

The application of cryotherapy in the cosmetic sector is not a recent thing. History shows that the Ancient Egyptians bathed in iced water to firm their skin. Since its inception, cryotherapy has been utilized in aesthetic medicine treatment because of its anti-inflammatory effect.  Exposure to extreme cold can trigger metabolism and blood circulation which rejuvenates the skin.

Steps to Making Cryotherapy a Key Part of Your Business

The first step is to determine which cryotherapy services to include in your cosmetic business.  Incorporating Cryo facials as part of the cosmetic treatments is an easy way to adopt cryotherapy.

Cryo facials get rid of the facial stains and reduce the size of the facial pores. The beauty of cryotherapy is that it offers instant results, thus making it a hit among your clients. Cryo facials remove the marks and tighten the skin instantly. It is a painless and quick cosmetic treatment with excellent results.

It is important to also offer your clients the option of full-body cryotherapy once they have tried and seen the benefits of Cryo facials. Cryo shaping is quickly gaining popularity in wellness clinics. It improves skin texture and body shape. A client is likely to burn between 800-1200 calories in a cryo shaping session.

Make a Good First Impression By Investing in the Right Equipment

First impressions are extremely important if you want to sell Cryotherapy as part of your cosmetic business.

48% of consumers often cite their first purchase or experience when deciding whether to be loyal to a particular brand or not. With thousands of cosmetic products/services available, you have to focus on creating the best experience to create a good first impression.

Make sure to invest in good cryotherapy equipment and friendly employees who will deliver the best services to clients.

Good old fashioned superior service will appeal to all clients in different demographic groups. It will also establish your cryotherapy service as an excellent service worth recommending.

Leverage on Marketing Opportunities

Cryotherapy is very trendy at the moment. Social media is a blessing for businesses, especially those in the cosmetic industry. Celebrities are using social media to sell their products within minutes. There is no reason not to take advantage of social media to market your newly-added service.

Social media is an innovative marketing tool. Post skincare tips, before and after cryo facial sessions, and other popular post ideas to keep your followers interested. You can also post cryotherapy deals and promotions on your social media.

Form Strategic Partnerships

People tend to believe what they hear or see their favorite celebrities do.  Give a free sample of cryotherapy services to opinion leaders who will act as brand ambassadors for you. In the age of social media, there are vloggers and bloggers in the beauty industry with millions of followers who can review and recommend a service to their followers.

Consider networking with other businesses in the cosmetic industry such as hairdressers, makeup artists, and holistic medicine practitioners. They have a similar clientele to your own and they can spread the word on your behalf.

Run Promotions

Use exciting promotions and sales to attract and retain new customers. Promotions are always a winning strategy with any business. You will be amazed at how cleverly-constructed promotions will boost your business.

There are many forms of promotions that you can run on the web and offline. Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth in the cosmetic industry. 

The Takeaway

Aesthetic cryotherapy is yet to be fully explored. This is why cryotherapy and cosmetics are a potent mix of opportunities. The key to succeeding in this business is to provide the best service, know your clientele and use creative promotional skills. People do not easily forget great service. By following the above tips, your cosmetic business will gain immensely from the evergrowing cryotherapy business.

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