There are several different types and brands of cryotherapy machines in the market right now. So how do you choose the right machine for your business? Successful businesses conduct thorough research on the different types of cryotherapy machines because they know the value of research. Finding the right cryotherapy machine that suit your business needs will help you build a successful recovery business from the ground-up.

In short, cryotherapy machines are broadly classified into the following classes:

Types of Cryotherapy Machines

You will generally find full-Body Cryo (or Cryosaunas), whole-body cryo “Human fridge” devices or portable cryo machines.

The decision to purchase a specific brand of full-body cryo or whole body device depends on your specific needs. Through research, you can identify unique characteristics for each device that will inform your choice.

Before you purchase a cryotherapy equipment, pay attention to the following factors:

Cost of Purchase and Installation

Full body and whole body cryotherapy machines are rather costly. The average Nitrogen-cooled breathable air chamber costs more in comparison to a cryo saunas. However, out of all the cryo machines electric chambers are the most expensive and the hardest to install.

The cost of a cryo machine is the most significant determining factor, but there are also other important factors. Do not compromise on the safety and quality of the device to save a few bucks. Go for a safe machine that will guarantee the lowest liability. A machine’s safety features should be regulated by custom software to enable the administration of safe sessions. Some cryo machines or cryosaunas in particular have more safety features than others. Look for the ones that have additional software geared towards safety.

Factor in the cost of installation too. 

Full body and whole body cryotherapy machines can be challenging to install. They come with an installation manual to guide users who want to install it on their own. However, manufacturers offer to install most devices at a fee (white glove service). 


The price tags of some of these devices are outrageous. Before investing tens of thousands of dollars on a cryo machine, check the credibility of the supplier and the manufacturer’s credentials.

Find out if the manufacturer is ISO certified. ISO 9001 certification implies that the manufacturer is compliant with the principles of quality management.

Some of the reliable manufacturers for cryo devices include Cryo Science, CRYONiQ, Zimmer, SeiluFreezer, Juka, Cryo Manufacturing, Cryomed, CTN Cryotech Nordic, Cryopod, Cryo Action, and last but not least, Cryo Innovations. 

Technical Support

How do you maintain your cryotherapy machine? With enough time, technical and maintenance challenges are bound to arise. Yet timely technical support is a challenge in the cryo industry. Trust us, you don’t want to end up with a second hand machine that you’re going to be forced to sell at the fraction of the price.

The rule of thumb is to purchase cryo machines from reputable suppliers and manufacturers that have done successful installations across the country.

Newcomers to the market are yet to establish themselves, and it might be very challenging to access technical support from them. However, dealing with an established manufacturer doesn’t guarantee that you won’t run into any problems. That’s why partnering with someone how knows the industry best can be really beneficial. Suppliers like us, have industry wide and technical knowledge that can help you succeed.

Luckily, the availability of web-based troubleshooting and remote assistance is becoming the industry norm. You can access technical support from the supplier, using several Facebook groups, as long as you have an internet connection and a Facebook account.

Warranty and Longevity of the Machine

The industry standard for cryo machines is a 1-3 year warranty on the parts. Some vendors offer an extended warranty at a surcharge. Well established cryo manufacturers such as Cryo Science have readily available parts through authorized dealers. 

Ensure to read the warranty agreement before purchase. In some cases, you might be responsible for the cost of shipping back to the factory if it is not covered in the warranty. 

Make sure to inquire about the longevity of the device. Don’t just trust the manufacturer, instead take some time to reach out to existing owners and pick their brains.

Ask how long the device will remain operational before having to invest in repairs. Check the material used to build the device and ask if the manufacturer is willing to upgrade your device later. 

Invest in a cryotherapy machine that is built with the latest, corrosion-free material. The device should withstand damage caused by extreme temperatures and humidity. Also, inquire about the software and how often you should update it to keep the technology updated for longer. 

Partner With the Right Supplier

A lot goes into the decision of buying a cryotherapy machine. Work with a supplier who will guide you from planning to the installation process. 

A right supplier will help you narrow down the cryo machines as per the location, budget, maintenance, and longevity of the device. A supplier will also help you source supporting products such as the gas provider and O2 sensors.1 

A trusted supplier goes above and beyond to ensure you are well versed in your cryotherapy device. A supplier will train you on treatment protocols and common maintenance issues.

The Right Cryotherapy Devices Are Critical for Success

Purchasing a cryotherapy machine is not an easy decision. Luckily, many suppliers are willing to guide you through the process. Partner with reputable suppliers/manufacturers that sell the best devices and offer comprehensive customer support. Do not compromise on quality, check the manufacturer’s certifications and warranty. 




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