2017 Used Cryo Science Arctic + Penguin Unit (6) For Sale


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Remaining Warranty: Non-Transferable

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Condition: Lightly used from the original owner.

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Specialized in renewal, the Cryo Science Arctic continuously delivers a safe and rewarding experience to every user. Constant development has created a state of the art recovery tool, that constantly provides relief from any injury. The Arctic is the culmination of state of the art Cryo technologies all for an affordable price.

Dedicated to development, Cryo Science put the brightest minds to work on creating the most revolutionary chamber on the market with state of the art technology. After mastering the art cooling and subzero gases Cryo Science has developed a tool that can help you thrive in the gym and at home.

Passion was been at the forefront of the Cryo Science team as they developed the Arctic chamber to create a reliable and powerful device. This passion and dedication can be seen through the Arctic’s beautiful design and intuitive technologies throughout. Adaptation and evolution has allowed the Arctic to become a product that will never go out of style.

Safety is guaranteed by Cryo Science due to the absence of nitrogen and presence of only breathable air in the chamber. Coupled with that are the soothing affects that bring about whole-body healing, injury rehabilitation, and a calm, positive mood. The Arctic is truly a one-of-a-kind Cryo device.

Fast and efficient the Cryo Science Arctic offers a remarkable experience in only three short minutes. Comfort and healing are included with the Arctic due to its state of the art technology. The remarkable effects of cryotherapy are guaranteed to be present after just one session. If you are looking to take your recovery to a whole new level the Cryo Science Arctic is right for you.


Additional information

Cooling Method

Refrigeration Cooled

Dry Out Time


Power Required

230 Volt Outlet

Space Required



Smart Tablet, Diagnostic Display for Client, WiFi Enabled


Pulse Oxygen Reader, Onboard Oxygen Sensors

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