2019 Used Cryo Innovations XR Cryosauna (5)


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Remaining Warranty: Yes

Sessions Ran: 3,130

Condition: Like New

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Built for recovery, the Cryo Innovations XR never stops offering the highest quality experience on the recovery market today. Providing relief from long hours in the gym or a serious injury, the Cryo Innovations XR reduces recovery time immediately after one session. The Cryo Innovations XR is the perfect tool for recovery ranging from pro athletes to all kinds of active individuals.

Safety is the number one priority for the Cryo Innovations XR, which is made possible through the remarkable technology developed specifically for the XR. Protection is made possible by the certified and trained professionals required to operate the sauna along with a number of safety measures. Additional sensors are also in place to maintain optimal performance and safety.

To ensure complete safety two finger authorizations are mandatory to run the device along with procedures to guarantee constant monitoring. Other emergency protocols are included to protect clients and to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Evolutions in technology have allowed the Cryo Innovations XR to become the most sophisticated cryotherapy chamber developed to date. Countless amounts of data can be collected to ensure optimal performance and a personalized experience. Data like nitrogen intake and user vitals can now be collected and personalized to suit all needs.

Capable of aiding recovery for any type of injury the Cryo Innovations XR is the real deal and an almost mandatory tool for any successful Cryotherapy company. The Cryo Innovations XR is the best bang for your buck used recovery equipment and a valuable  tool for growth. If you are looking to add an invaluable tool to your recovery arsenal the Cryo Innovations XR is right for you.


Additional information

Cooling Method

Nitrogen Cooled

Dry Out Time

Not Required


3-4 Liters

Lift System

Pad Lift


Mobile Chamber

Power Required

110 Volt Outlet

Space Required


Usable Height

Up To 7'2"


Diagnostic Display for Client, Smart Tablet, Chain Management Capability, Self Diagnostic, Point of Sale, WiFi Enabled, Self Install Available


Head Sensor, Pulse Oxygen Reader, Fingerprint Authorization, Thermal Image Camera, Onboard Oxygen Sensors, Skin Temperature Built In


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